8 Life-Changing Lessons Anyone Can Learn from Going Plant-Based

Adam Meyer
6 min readMar 13, 2023
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Everyone has the power to improve their life.

But that doesn’t mean it’s easy. As a nutritionist and health writer who’s covered everything from the benefits of eating papaya to how mouth-breathing can cause erectile dysfunction, I’ve noticed a trend: We humans often know which habits, foods, and exercises are good for us, but we choose not to do them. And these choices — to do or not to do — determine your life’s trajectory.

Making healthy choices can transform your life in surprising ways.

When I turned 30, the decision to start making healthy lifestyle choices changed my life. First, I gave up toxic things like drinking too much, partying, and eating animal products. Instead, I chose to prioritize my health and fitness by adopting a plant-based diet.

Then, at 32, I chose to change my career. I wanted to help others improve their health, so I became a nutritionist, transforming my life once again.

When I was 34, I chose to pursue my lifelong passion of becoming a writer. Within six months, online writing about health, nutrition, and fitness became my full-time gig.

And with every choice you make comes valuable life lessons if you look close enough.

1. More energy means more time for the things you love.

We often underestimate the impact that increased energy has on our daily lives.

Lethargy. Fatigue. Mental fog. Conquering the dreaded “afternoon slump.” These have become the new standard.

Choose to set a new standard for yourself.

My motivation for going plant-based was to have more energy for parenting. I wanted to run around the backyard, give piggyback rides, or play a game of tag without hesitation. And I never wanted to utter the phrase, “Not now, kids. Daddy’s tired.”

My plant-based diet helped make that possible. It also helped me run my first marathon while packing on 10 pounds of muscle in the gym.

All because I chose to fuel my body with healthy foods that gave me the energy for the activities and people I love.

2. A bigger world exists…



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