The 3 Biggest Mistakes Nutrition & Fitness Influencers Make When Writing Their Own Email Courses

Adam Meyer
2 min readSep 13, 2023
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Educational Email Courses are the secret sauce of successful influencers and coaches in the Nutrition & Fitness industry.

They’re a powerhouse for building trust, offering value, and nurturing your audience. However, many influencers jump into writing their own email courses and unknowingly stumble into common pitfalls. These missteps can not only hinder the course’s effectiveness but also impact your brand’s credibility.

Let’s uncover the 3 biggest mistakes Nutrition & Fitness influencers make when crafting email courses and how professional help can steer you clear of them.

1. Overwhelming Complexity

One of the biggest missteps influencers make is diving headfirst into creating overly complex email courses.

They pile on extensive content, intricate exercises, and detailed plans, thinking more is better. But this strategy often leaves subscribers overwhelmed, resulting in high dropout rates. Solution? Professional ghostwriting ensures your email course strikes the right balance between depth and simplicity.

Experts can distill complex concepts into digestible lessons, ensuring your audience not only stays engaged but also gains actionable insights.

2. Lack of Engagement

Influencers often underestimate the importance of engagement throughout the course.

They send out a series of emails and expect subscribers to passively consume the content. Unfortunately, this approach often results in disinterested audiences who simply click delete. Solution? Professional ghostwriters understand the art of keeping your audience engaged.

They incorporate interactive elements, assignments, quizzes, and personalized feedback to create an immersive learning experience that holds subscribers’ attention.

3. Inconsistent Value Delivery

Consistency is paramount in email courses.

Influencers sometimes struggle to maintain a consistent delivery schedule, causing frustration among subscribers. Gaps between lessons can disrupt the flow…



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